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Manufacture of tools

Wibemo SA

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Brazed carbide tools, guide bush, collet, collet sleeve, guide bush with carbide rollers, revolving guide bushholder, barloader, steel collets, collets for pick-off attachment, collets for transport lever, holder, cutting tools, knurling wheels, spare parts for automatic lathes, diamond grinding.

Bar loaders
Carbide B type guide bushes
Carbide brazed cut-off tools
Carbide brazed head tools
Carbide brazed tools
Carbide brazed turning tools
Carbide guide bushes
Carbide hook tools
Carbide pushed type guide bushes
Centering drills
Centering tool holders
Clamping bobbins
Clamping sleeves
Counter-spindle collets
Cutting dies holders
Cutting knurling rolls
Cutting tools
Deforming knurling rolls
Diamond grinding wheels
Diamond paste
Drill holders
Driving belts
Extended nose collets
Flat belts
Flat drills
Grinding wheels
Guide bushes with carbide rolls
Guide bushes collets and clamping sleeve
HM beaks
HM knurling rolls
HSS beaks
HSS knurling rolls
Inner turning tools
Knurling rolls
Knurling tool holders
Magic guide bushes
Pick-up collets
Profile collets
Revolving guide bushes
Spare parts
Spare parts
Spare parts for multi spindle lathes
Spare parts for NC lathes
Spare parts for single spindle cam machines
Special clamping collets
Spindle extensions
Steady guide bushes
Steel collets
Step drills
Tap holder
Tool extensions
Tool holders
Tool holders
Transport lever collets
Transport lever collets and pick-off collets
Trapezoidal belts
Turning tool holders
Twist drills

Special knowledge
Precision tools

DomainManufacture of tools
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