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Metalinox SA

Treatment and coating of metals

Metalinox SA

Rue du Milieu 5
2115 Buttes
Our family business was founded in 1947. We focus our activities on two areas: surface treatment and manufacture of bathroom.

Surface preparation:
- Sand blasting, bead blasting, softening band, polishing, buffing.
- Pickling of stainless steel, copper metal, rusting of steel.
- Degreasing in alkaline solutions.
- Polishing and deburring by vibration.

Galvanic treatments:
- Copper plating alkaline or acid.
- Brass plating. Nickel matte, semi-gloss finish.
- Matt chrome, semi-gloss finish.
- Hard chrome plating. Chemical nickel plating.
- Bright Tin.
- Passivation of stainless steel.
- Zinc Passivation blue, yellow passivation.

Manufacture? articles Bathrooms:
- Soap, door machine, door machine expandable.

We are able to perform the processing of your plays in the mechanical, medical, watchmaking, etc..

All this while respecting the quality and deadlines.

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Surface treatments

DomainTreatment and coating of metals
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