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Water-jet cut parts

Mat-Cut SA

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Water jet cutting :

VHP water-jet cutting-out machines with numeric control and fitted with an X-Y table. Cutting range 1200 x 800 mm accuracy 0.1 mm. Cutting range 3000 x 1600 mm accuracy 0.1 mm. Cutting-out with a pure water jet generates a fine jet with very high energy (speed mach 2 to mach 3). Pressure : 1000 to 4000 bar. The cohesion of the jet can be improved by the addition of polymer. The jet nozzle is not in contact with the material to be cut out, so that there is only a minimal lateral effect on the part. This process does not heat and does not change the structure of the material. The cut is very clean.

Material cut out with a pure water jet :
rubber, elastomer, silicon, foam, crossed wood, leather, cardboard, printed plastic, carbon fibre, glass fibre, composite materials etc. Plastics : polyamide, polyacetal, polycarbonate, PTFE, PET, etc.

Abrasive water jet cutting :

hyperbar water-jet cutting-out machines X-Y with numerical control. Pressure WIP 1600 to 4000 bar. Table X- Y 1200 x 800 mm. Table X- Y 3000 x 1600 mm. Accuracy of cut 0.1 mm. In cutting-out by water jet with abrasive, the water is used to communicate its kinetic energy to the particles of abrasive. The material where the jet passes is actually filed by the particles. It is a technique of removal of material which generates very little stress, which does not change the structure of the material and does not heat; this is because the water acts on the erosion zone to evacuate the production of calories due to friction.

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